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What's New

February 8, 2005

There are still a couple of days left to get that someone special a Valentine's Day gift.  In our Food & Candy category we now feature Dale & Thomas Popcorn.  They make some great tasting treats and have been featured on the Oprah Show as one of her "favorite" things.  In our Clothing & Apparel section you will find Frederick's of Hollywood if you want a Valentine gift that's more intimate.  This time of year is also that dreaded Tax time.  H & R Block has been in the tax business for many years and they offer both online tax options as well as there TaxCut software.  Both of these have been rated highly by those that review software products.  You will find H & R Block in our Computers & Office category.  If you ever visit the Whole lotta links page you will notice some changes.  We have categorized the links to outside resources to make it easier to find links.  New resources will be on the Whole lotta links page for a while then later moved to the appropriate category page.

December 8, 2004

Such a busy year and not much time to keep up on the what's new page but here we are again.  A few new stores to mention and others that were missed.  But that's life, right?  First, in the Electronics & Music category in Sirius Satellite Radio.  If you haven't had a chance to listen to Satellite radio yet you should give it a try.  It's wonderful to listen to whatever music or show you like and not have to put up with the constant barrage of ads that you get with commercial radio.  In our Shoes & Accessories group is all Fine Jewelry.  You'll find lots of great deals on gems and such to wear.  A great name in retail joins our Outdoors & Travel section.  Orvis, the supplier of famous fly-fishing gear and other outdoor goodies.  The Home & Garden category has 4 new stores.  Petsmart for your pets of course, The Bombay Company for fine home decor items, Blinds.com to dress up your windows and Rugman to beautify your floors.  All but one of our 4 new entries into the Clothing & Apparel group are women's clothing only stores. (Sorry guys)  The one that has items for both genders is Ashro, clothing for African Americans or anyone else wanting stylish clothing.  The Fashion Bug, ESPRIT and Draper's & Damon's are all women's clothing ranging from value priced fashions to smart stylish fashions.  In our Automotive & Tools group we've added 21st Century Auto Insurance for any visitors that may drive and want to save some money (if you live in the right state).  Finally, just in time for Christmas in our Toys & Hobbies category we are joined by Heirloom Wooden Toys which carries quality wooden toys for the children on your Christmas list.

March 25, 2004

Happy Spring to all the Whole lotta Shopping visitors.  Some great new stores have joined the WLS network.  In our Home & Garden category we have 3 new shops.  First is the Pacific Coast Feather Company.  They carry down comforters, pillows and feather bedding.  Currently Pacific Coast Feather Co is giving a free pair of down booties with any $75 purchase.  Next in the Home & Garden group is Lamps Plus where you will find all types of lighting including table lamps, floor lamps, novelty lamps, chandeliers, outdoor lighting and many other types of lighting.  Lamps Plus also carries ceiling fans, light bulbs and other lighting accessories.  Lamps Plus also has Free Shipping on all their clearance and overstock lighting.  A great store to check out.  Finally, the third new store in the Home & Garden group is UESHOP.com.  They stock many types of furniture and specialize in 50's retro furniture, bar stools and tables and ottomans.  Some unique pieces to be found.  In our Shoes & Accessories category is a jewelry store that won't be for everyone.  Pierced Body, as the name implies carries body jewelry.  For anyone that wants body jewelry at value pricing check out Pierced Body.  In our Clothing category we've added 2 great new stores.  First is August Max where you will find stylish women's clothing.  August Max currently has a couple of coupons running:  a money off coupon and a Free Shipping coupon.  Finally, our last new store this week but certainly not the least is Lands' EndLands' End hardly needs any introduction to most of you.  This fine family clothing retailer has been around for many, many years and the quality of their products is legendary.  In addition to clothing Lands' End carries superbly made luggage and items for the home.  We have some Lands' End luggage that has been around the world and still looks new.  Lands' End is certainly a store worth visiting for quality merchandise.

March 11, 2004

It's been a very busy time lately.  Tax time and work on a new website and many other items.  Three new stores to announce today.  First, in our Home & Garden category we have added eSalton to our many fine stores.  eSalton carries home appliances with brands such as George Foreman, Faberware, Westinghouse, Melitta and many others.  Also in the Home & Garden group is Design Within ReachDesign Within Reach is your one stop shop for designer furniture and home decor.  It's a great place to start shopping for new furniture.  Our last new store in our Clothing category is Liz ClaiborneLiz Claiborne currently has a 10% off offer for new customers and they also feature a Free Shipping offer.  Liz Claiborne has clothing for women and men, fragrances and also items for the home.

January 26, 2004

It's the last week of our Vanlentine's Day Dress Giveaway so if you don't have your entry in don't wait. There are not very many entries yet so your odds of winning are very good. One of our stores has shut it's doors. The long established candy store Fannie May has filed bankruptcy and is not longer in operation. We have added Dan's Chocolates in our Food & Candy category to replace Fannie May. Dan's Chocolates features chocolate candy and flowers. You can create a custom box for your gift with your own photo. They are currently running a 15% off special through Valentine's Day.

January 15, 2004

Wow! What a whirlwind 4 weeks.  After spending Christmas in Florida we returned to Redding and the biggest snowfall in 30 years.  Thousands of trees were lost in this very heavy snow in an area that only gets a little bit of snow about once every 5 to 10 years.  So along with catching up on the WLS website we had a lot of cleanup to do around the area.  The BIGGEST thing going on the next 2 weeks is our Valentine's Day Dress Giveaway.  Thanks to the generosity of SizeAppeal who donated the dress.  Entries must be in by 1/29/04 so get your entry in if you would like a chance to win this very stylish plus size dress.  If you are wondering how you are going to lose those pounds you put on during the holidays then you may want to visit our new store eDiets in the Health & Beauty section.  Our other new store in the WLS network is Vintage Tub & Bath in our Home & Garden Category.  You'll find tubs, toilets and sinks for your bathroom along with kitchen sinks.  Some nice items if you are looking to fix up that bathroom.

December 19, 2003

Three new stores this week.  In the Electronics & Music section a new UK store, Bennetts ElectricalBennetts is a great place for our UK visitors to find consumer electrics.  In our Outdoors & Travel group we have added the FishingOnly.com store for all your fishing equipment needs.  Finally, in our Home & Garden category our newest addition is the Lighting Showplace.  Here you will find indoor and outdoor lighting as well as ceiling fans and mirrors.

Special Note:  Here's wishing all the Whole lotta Shopping visitors a Happy Holiday.  We're heading to Florida for the week so no new updates for the next week.  If you are using any of the WLS specials please check for expiration dates.  Thanks again for all your visits this year.

December 15, 2003

Down to the last full week of Christmas shopping and the deals keep coming in.  More Free Shipping deals added this week as well as many other savings opportunities.  5 new stores added to the WLS network this week.  First, in our Gifts & Flowers category, is the Gadget Shop Ltd.  The Gadget Shop is another UK store for our UK visitors that sells gizmos and gadgets and lots of fun and useful products.  Another UK store with similar products is The Sharper Image UK.  The Sharper Image is a well known brand and now our UK visitors can order for local delivery.  In our Shoes & Accessories category we now offer B.A. MasonB.A. Mason sells great men and women's shoes.  For those visitors that are looking for brand name clothing for babies and children you'll find WebClothes.com a great place to do your shopping.  WebClothes offers a low price guarantee and 30 day returns.  Finally, in our Outdoors & Travel group, we have T. ShipleyT. Shipley sells products for the business professional such as brief cases and travel items.  Hope everyone is taking advantage of online shopping to reduce the stress of holiday shopping and not having to fight the crowds.

December 8, 2003

 Well the holiday shopping season is in full swing and the deals just keep coming in.  Over 15 new Free Shipping offers added in the past 3 days.  Many other special offers and more to come.  Three new stores in the past week have joined the WLS network.  In the Department Store category is Collections, Etc.  Here you will find items for the home, personal items, toys, tools and other products with nothing over $14.99.  In our Automotive & Tools group a wonderful new store by the name of Drive WerksDrive Werks is for the car enthusiast.  You will find tools, car care products and auto accessories at a website designed and run by long time car buffs.  Finally, in the Toys & Hobbies category we now have Ready To Soar.  RC planes are the products you'll find at Ready To Soar.  These planes make great Christmas gifts for kids or adults.  Remember - Save time, Shop Online!


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