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Benefits of Online Shopping

Now why would anyone want to shop online? As I see it there are 3 very good reasons. These 3 reasons are convenience, availability and savings***.

Convenience: This may be the most obvious reason for online shopping. Whatís easier than sitting in your own home and have the shops of the world at your finger tips? You donít have to deal with that salesperson that got up on the wrong side of the bed or the customer that has no problem cutting to the front of the line you are in. During the holiday shopping season you don't have to deal with the crowds. (see below) You donít have to deal with the weather be it the rain and snow of winter or a hot and humid day in summer. Then of course if you live a big city you donít need to deal with the traffic if you are shopping online. You say you want to get out and not stay in all the time. Well then shopping online is for you because you will have the time to get outdoors and do meaningful activities.

Availability: Sometimes the things we want to buy are not readily available at the local corner store. If you live in a large city you probably can find just about anything you want or need to buy but you are going to do some driving and spend some time finding what you are looking for (see above). But for those that live in the many smaller towns through out the country and world you wonít find all of things you are shopping for. Catalog shopping has been the traditional way for shopping in the past but having a big stack of catalogs stacked up in the living room or den is not everyoneís idea of cool fashion decor. With the advent of the Internet and online shopping it is no longer necessary to keep those catalogs lying around. Now you can have any catalog you want just sitting there taking up space on the Internet and not in your house.

Savings: The Internet is the great equalizer when it comes to retail space. Mom and Popís corner store can afford to have a web presence just the same as Walmart and K-Mart do. Because of this many retail stores on the Internet must offer special discounts to entice customers to buy online from them. For those that like to shop for sales and look for bargains the Internet is ideal. The Internet is full of sites that find those bargains for you and can point you to current sales and provide coupons and links to help you save on your shopping. One of the best bargains is to find those stores offering free shipping so the convenience of online shopping no longer comes at a price. Just take a look around and one will find specials that are not available anywhere but on the web.

***Update: 9/4/05 - When this was originally written the savings on gas was not the factor that it is at this point in time.  With gasoline breaking the $3.00 a gallon mark the savings realized from not having to drive around town becomes even more apparent now then ever before.  Of course when you find Free Shipping offers for your shopping then the savings really start to add up.

So you can see that shopping online makes sense no matter where you live or shop. Online shopping is one of the benefits of being an ďonlineĒ society that we are all fortunate to have available to us.


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Copyright 2003 BJ Hastings




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