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Welcome to Whole lotta  Our goal is to improve your online shopping experience. 


You will save money using the coupons, specials, free shipping offers and web only specials that we seek out and provide for you on store pages and the Whole lotta Savings page and Home page.  Coupons and Specials are updated 6 times a week or more (Except for a few days during summer vacation).


You will save time using the links to a wide variety of online shops and stores that we provide for you arranged by  category.  If you don't see a store that you would like to see please let us know and we'll try to add it.


Your purchase decisions will be improved using our shopping guides and reviews for ideas to consider when shopping online.  If you would like to see information on a specific item let us know and we'll see what we can find out for you.


You will be entertained as you read the articles or visit the Diversions page.  Be sure to add us to your  Favorites or Bookmarks so you may check back often for new opportunities for you to save. 


HOT BUYS - On our category pages you will sometimes see a store name highlighted. These denote a special hot buy at that store.  Click on the store to go to the store's page and see the hot buy.


SPECIAL AND COUPON CODES There are generally 2 types of coupons you will see.  One you will see a coupon or promotion or media code.  This will be something like OCT10OFF.  You will need to copy this code and enter it when asked during the checkout process of your order.  The other type of coupon is where you will see just a link.  Click on the link to go shopping at the listed store and when you checkout you should see the coupon discount reflected in your order total. 


When using either type of coupons please be sure that you see the discount reflected in the order total before submitting the order.  If you do not see the discount reflected in the order total do not submit the order unless you are willing to pay the total shown. 



Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your visit!


Ron Lute - Whole lotta



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